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The Vulnerable Man

Welcome to The Vulnerable Man podcast, hosted by Christopher Veal.

Each episode explores themes around vulnerability and the relationships men have with it individually and collectively. It is not about an either/or mindset. Through conversations we strive to better understand how men want to show up more powerfully and on purpose in the world. Featuring stories with men from all walks of life sharing their experiences, their successes and failures, alongside personal observations and experiences from the host, the podcast seeks to help each of us understand how leaning into greater vulnerability strengthens us and creates more connection with the people in our world.

Dec 20, 2021

Jim Young is a men's burnout coach, a skilled facilitator of leadership development, a dedicated dad, a budding author, and a professional comedian.

We talk about burnout, “shoulding” on ourselves, the ‘man box,’ vulnerability in dating relationships, and exploring intimacy.